Treiago Farm


The farm

Treiago is a fully working farm. We have 50 acres of land with both sheep and cows. Ask David about a tour of the farm and the animals during your stay. 



Eco-friendly heating

The four Eco cottages at Treiago are sustainable and environmentally friendly as they're heated using a state of the art wood chip boiler system. This heat source provides underfloor central heating (great for cold feet after a long day on the coastal path!) and hot water to the properties while significantly reducing the houses’ carbon foot print. The cottages also use harvested and recycled rain water for flushing the toilets. 


Using woodchip instead of oil or gas reduces our CO2 emissions by approximately 75% (this includes all emissions, transportation and processing of the raw materials) and Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by around 85%. We use around 100 tonnes of woodchip a year, all of which come from within a radius of 30 miles of Treiago. The current supplier is based in Maenclochog and uses timber from local plantations.




Whilst we are still in the process of developing ourselves into a first class camping destination, we do have some basic camping facilities for guests. Contact us for more information. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Treiago holiday cottages, St Davids, Pembrokeshire